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Stuff We Love: Toshiba Canvio Slim II hard drive & case

Protect your data (and sanity) with this hard drive and case.

Hp spectre laptop

HP Announces Superthin Spectre Ultrabook

HP's super thin 13-inch ultrabook is only 10.4 mm thick.

Macbook 13 hero

Why Is This Four-Year-Old MacBook Still an Amazon Bestseller?

This inexpensive MacBook is still upgradeable, unlike new Apple models.

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Endless Mini First Impressions Review

We took a look at Endless's new Mini PC for developing markets.

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What Are Chromebooks Good For?

Chromebooks aren't merely modern netbooks—they're viable computers

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Could 2016 Be the Year of Wireless Charging?

A look at some of the wireless charging technologies on the horizon

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Virtual Insanity: These Are 2016’s Hottest VR Headsets

A virtual tour of the future of gaming and entertainment

Razer blade stealth hero

Razer Blade Stealth Gaming Laptop First Impressions Review

We go hands-on with Razer's new gaming ultrabook.

Intel compute hero 2

Hands-On With the Upgraded Intel Compute Stick

Who wants PC for the TV? We do.

Asus gx7000 hero

New Asus Gaming Laptops Are Designed to Dominate

With liquid cooling, the new RoG laptops are all designed to pwn n00bs

Razer pc lineup hero

Here Is Razer's 2016 Lineup

Razer's 2016 lineup continues to focus on serious gaming.

Oree wood keyboard hero

Orée’s Premium Peripherals Will Make You Feel Classy

These accessories are made of wood, copper, leather, and marble.