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Videographers And Illustrators Rejoice For Adobe Updates

Increased performance and new features steal the show

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Vampire Power: The Invisible Tax on Your Energy Bill

Vampire power is costing us billions. Here's how to stop it.


This Handy, Fussy Drive Frees Your Photo-Packed iPhone

Ideal for iOS users looking to back up their photos outside the cloud.

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Lenovo Preps For Windows 10 With Three New Laptops

Updated laptops and new software are paving the way

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The Steam Machine Brings PC Games to Your Couch

Alienware and Valve have a mind to make PC games more accessible.

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Apple Declares War on Wires With Its Newest MacBook

Apple's new MacBook sets a new standard for "ultraportables."

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From Goats to Soda Drinking, There's a Game for That

If you've got a fondness for the bizarre, you're not alone.

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Hands-On with Life Is Strange: Episode 2 — Out of Time

What if you could rewind and change the choices you make in life?

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A New Era for Gamers: Motiga Talks Gigantic and Windows 10

Meet a small video game developer with big, big plans.

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Valve Steam Controller First Impressions Review

We got our hands on Valve's new Steam controller at PAX East 2015.

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The World’s Most Accurate Cat Simulator Gets Even Friskier

This game lets you be a cat with only one mission: Destroy everything.