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Now is the best time to buy a laptop

It's hard to go wrong with recent laptops featuring Intel chips.

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These are all the dongles you need for the MacBook Pro

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The Toughest Laptops On (and Off) Earth

From modern war zones to the vacuum of space, these rugged PCs can handle some serious punishment.

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Amazon's paving the way to Black Friday with Kindles

Amazon's Kindles are $20 off until 11/3 only.

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The Best Laptop Deals - November 2016

Your one stop shop for the best current laptop sales.

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The next MacBook Pro must have these features

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Grab up to 50% off Logitech peripherals today only

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Get an exclusive Kindle Fire HD deal this week only

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How to watch every NFL game this season

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Intel announces new 7th generation processors

The latest Intel chips are speedy and ready for 4K.

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Can the iPad Pro replace your laptop?

The latest iPads are speedy and thin...but are they laptop killers?