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Chuwi lapbook hero small

What the heck is a "Chuwi" laptop, and is it worth the $300?

What is a "Chuwi" laptop and, for $300, are they any good?


This retro-looking keyboard is 2017's alternative to the classic typewriter

This keyboard makes you feel like you're working with a typewriter.


What happened when I used this tiny, $69 computer

This handheld computer has built-in game making tools.

Chromebook flip 2

With Android coming to Chrome, Google's playing the long game

With Android apps in tow, Chromebooks just got way more exciting.


Can you believe this wooden box is actually a computer?

This handcrafted computer is a work of art.


6 ridiculous Chrome extensions you didn't know you needed

Make your online experience more fun.


I tried out 5 different VR headsets, and this one was my favorite

I sampled 5 different VR headsets at CES. Can you guess which one I liked best?

Engerlbart hero

Forget Steve Jobs, this was the best presentation of all time

Steve Jobs' iPhone debut is beloved, but this presentation blows it away.

Gettyimages 603313552

These laptops can sing a song to tell you how they died

Hey Thinkpad: Take a sad song, and make it better

Asus zenbook flip deal hero

Get a sleek, ultra-thin 2-in-1 for just $500

Microsoft is having a sale on the Asus ZenBook Flip.

Ashley split

HTC Vive completely dazzled me with its new accessories and headsets

HTC Vive wowed me with its cool accessories, headsets, and demos.

Lg gram

10 of the best new laptops coming in 2017

Thinking about picking up a new laptop? We tried all the best ones coming soon.